Flying Colors Mini-Event & Open Dressage Show

September 25th, 2021


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Entries are due by Friday, 9/17. Entries will be accepted until 5pm on Wednesday, 9/22 with the late fee. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 9/22. This will allow us adequate time to enter all required info and post ride times in advance. We will be strictly enforcing these dates this year, please send your entries in as soon as possible!


All levels will ride their respective Dressage Test A for the September Mini-Event


Tentative schooling schedule Friday:
2-3pm – Smurf
3-4pm – BN
4-4:30pm – Novice
4:30-5pm – Training +

5-6pm – Smurf

We are thrilled to announce we will have The Meandering Moose on site for food at the September Mini-Event! They will open at 9:15 with coffee and drinks, and offer food from 10-1 near the main tower.
Nacho plate

Loaded Nacho plate
Taco Salad
Meatball Sandwich
Turkey Sub
The Bomb – pepperoni, siesta brat, marinara sauce, cheese
Carrot Cake
Soda, Water

Montana Magic Photography will be onsite taking photos of the event! Click Here to go to her website and order your digital files.

***Smurf, Beginner-Novice, Novice, and Training dressage tests will be ridden in the SMALL dressage arena.

***Modified Training dressage tests will be ridden in the LARGE dressage arena. 

***Open dressage tests will be ridden in the LARGE arena, except USDF Intro and USEA tests.


Find all Dressage Tests HERE



Dressage: a harmonious development of the physique and ability making the horse supple, flexible, confident and attentive while understanding the partnership requirements of the rider.

Cross Country: a test of speed, endurance and jumping ability across a course of fixed obstacles; a water complex, a ditch and a mound.

Stadium Jumping: the combination of a horse and rider’s ability to complete a course designed to prove suppleness, obedience, and jumping ability within an arena setting having short distances between fences and tight turns. The horse and rider team must complete course within optimum time to avoid time penalties. 

The Big Sky Horse Park course was professionally designed and built by Steve Buckman of British Columbia. Steve is a USEF ‘R’ and a FEI ‘C’ Course Designer. California Course Designer Bert Wood returns to BSHP annually to rebuild , refresh and update our courses to ensure their safety and rideability.

Riders using the course must wear an ASTM approved helmet and have at least one other rider or ground person present with a cell phone. Protective vests are highly recommended when riding the cross-country course and mandatory at all Park sponsored cross-country events.

The course will be closed to non-event riders and other users during and immediately prior to cross-country events, which are all listed on the Park calendar:

Cross Country Courses

Smurf XC Course has 12 jumps up to 2′ with white numbers on blue background. Course distance is 920m and optimum times is 5 minutes.

Beginner-Novice XC Course has 17 jumps, up to 2’7″, with Black numbers on Yellow background. Course distance is 1,950 meters and optimum time is 6 minutes.

Novice XC Course has 19 jumps, up to 2’11”, with Black numbers on White background. Course distance is 2,000 meters and optimum time is 5 min 20sec.

Training XC Course has 21 jumps (29 efforts), up to 3’3″, with White numbers on Black background. Course distance is 2,100 meters & optimum time is 5 minutes 15 seconds.

Modified Training XC Course has 23 jumps (31 efforts), up to 3’5″, with Orange numbers on Blue background. Course distance is 2200 meters & optimum time is 4 minutes 45 seconds. **Modified Training course consists of a mix of Training and Modified level jumps**



Although we follow United States Eventing Association (USEA) rules and procedures, the events are not nationally recognized.

The Flying Colors Mini-Events are some of the most important Park fundraising activities. These multi-discipline and multi-level events enable the Missoula Horse Council to make major improvements to the cross-country course and stadium jumps with the ultimate goal of having a nationally recognized USEA event each year.

Riders who are not participating in a show/clinic, must be either be Park members with XC Pass or fill out a Day Pass. Use of the course is $15 per day for members without an annual XC pass, or $30 for non-members ($15 course fee plus the $15 day pass). The annual unlimited cross-country course fee is $60, which is in addition to an annual membership fee and helps to offset the cost of maintaining the course. Marked and unmarked hazards exist. Please stay on designated trails.