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Color My Ride Obstacle Challenge


2021 Dates

July 30th, 31st, Aug. 1st

CMR 2021 Entry Form



2021 Courses:

Warm Up Map
Main Arena Map


In Hand
Lead Line
Rusty Spur
Adult Amateur
Gambler’s Choice


In Hand
Lead Line
Rusty Spur
Adult Amateur
Gambler’s Choice


Judges Clinic: 

Clinician (TBA). Obstacle Clinic on Friday, July 30th, 2021 from 12-2 PM. These clinics are very popular and sell out fast!  If you would like to sign up contact Jan Harris at

If you participate in the clinic, we waive the Friday schooling fee, so you can continue to school after the clinic if you still need some practice.



The Color My Ride Obstacle Challenge series is designed for fun! We want horses of every breed and horse people of any discipline and level to have the opportunity to further their horsemanship skills, while having a great time with other horse people. The emphasis will be on safety and good horsemanship. Each obstacle has a time limit, but is not judged on speed.


Lower Entry Fees and free classes!! Instead of $30/per class, we will be charging only $20 for your first class, and discounts for additional classes.  And, for every competitor you refer that has never been to a CMR, YOU get a free class.  Make sure to note on your entry form who you referred, and ask them to note it on their entry form as well, so you are sure to get your class credits.


Buckles will be offered in four divisions: Adult Amateur, Open, Maiden and Novice. There will be a $35 “buckle fee” per each division you wish to compete for a buckle, to help offset costs. If you are not interested in competing for the buckle, but still want to enter those classes, you don’t have to pay the additional fee. The other divisions will still have a year end award, just not a buckle. There will be a $10 nomination fee, to be in the running for a High Point award.  Courses may or may not be posted prior to the day of the show.


About the courses:

There will be two different courses. One in the main arena, which will be an enclosed course that will feature the In Hand, Lead Line, Rookie, Maiden, and Novice. Rusty Spur, Adult Amateur, Team, Open and Gambler’s choice will start in the warm up area, and may also use part of the cross country course. Each course will consist of 10-14 obstacles and challenges, to be ridden at various gaits, and at different levels of difficulty, depending on the division.

Riders are welcome to compete on any of the courses, as long as they qualify for the division. Final determination of qualification will be decided by course judges. More advanced riders may enter Rookie or Maiden as a schooling ride. They will be receive comments and scores but will not be considered for awards.

Courses will be open the Friday before each competition for schooling from 2-8pm. Schooling will be $15 per horse/rider combination.




Each obstacle will be worth a total of 10 points for each horse/rider team. Riders will be judged on the entry to the obstacle, the execution of the obstacle, and the exit. Horses should remain calm and alert throughout. Time limit for the obstacles is 60 seconds. If the rider goes over the time limit, a score of 0 will be given to the team, and the rider must move on. The judge will let the competitor know when they have 15 seconds remaining to complete the obstacle.  Scoring is as follows: 10=excellent, 9=very good, 8=good, 7=fairly good, 6=satisfactory, 5=sufficient, 4=insufficient, 3=fairly poor, 2= poor, 1=very poor, 0=not executed.


These scores reflect how the horse/rider team did throughout the entire course in these areas. Each horse rider team will receive a score from 1-10 in each area.


Equitation – position and control

Partnership and Rapport

Presentation – Clean and Tidy

Confidence – Of both Horse and Rider

Impulsion or Whoa equal to Go


Gait options within a course:

Some of the courses include an option to compete an obstacle at a trot or a canter. A well-executed obstacle at a slower gait will always score higher than a poorly executed obstacle at a faster gait.


Judges will be looking for a calm, willing, well controlled horse, obedient and brave. Regarding the rider, the judges will be looking for balance and non-interference. English or western riding is welcomed as well as all breeds. Gaited horses will execute the gait that is equivalent to the requested gait. All judges are educated in gaited horses and they will not penalize for not doing the traditional walk/trot/canter.


There will be an award each show for the horse/rider combination that is most colorful, or has the best costume/decoration. This is a two day accumulation and awarded Sunday.  You do NOT have to bling out yourself or your horse to compete, it just adds to the fun!

1st-6th place will be awarded in each division, except for leadline. All leadline riders will receive an award, however, leadline division is not eligible for a year end award.



For High Point awards, points are calculated as follows:

1st place -10 points
2nd place – 6 points
3rd place – 4 points
4th place – 2 points
5th place – 1 points
6th place – .5 point

You must compete in both of the shows to be eligible for High Point awards. You must pay the nomination fee prior to the first show. If you do not nominate for the awards, your points will not be kept/calculated. You may nominate in as many divisions as you are eligible to compete in, and you may nominate multiple horses. Buckles and High Point awards will be presented at the end of the second show (nomination fee is per declared class/division).

You will be able to pick up your score sheet at the end of the day to see how you scored on each obstacle. Since time does not always permit our judges to hand write comments on each rider, we use a numerical scoring system. If you score 8 or above, you did very well. A 5-7 is average and 1-4 is below average. ***The decisions of the judges are final!  Any questions must be taken to show management.  Do NOT approach the judge with questions, about scores or placings.  Any questions about the course can be asked prior to the start of the class  ***

Entry Fees:

1st Division is $20. Enter any two division for $35. Three divisions is $50 and four divisions is $75. Buckle division $35 per each declared division.


Leadline: $5 per rider


Team division: $40 total, regardless of how many other divisions you are riding in


Division Descriptions:

  1. In Hand: Main Arena

The In Hand division will be held first in the main arena. This is a great opportunity to let your horse see the obstacles before their under saddle class, or for young horses that aren’t able to be ridden yet. This is a non-mounted class, there are to be no riders in this division. The course will consist of 10-12 obstacles done at a walk and a trot.

  1. Rookie: Main Arena

This division is for true “Rookie” riders of any age. A Rookie rider is one which has NO prior experience showing obstacles courses.  Please do NOT enter this division if you have shown in obstacle courses before. It will consist of approximately 10 obstacles to be completed at a walk and trot. You many compete in Rookie for both shows.

  1. Leadline: $5 entry fee, all competitors receive a prize. Main Arena

The leadline division is designed for riders that are not confident enough to navigate the course by themselves. It will consist of 6-8 obstacles. Riders are encouraged to guide the horse by themselves as much as they are able to. The obstacles will be basic and will all be done at the walk.

  1. Maiden:  Buckle Class Main Arena:

The Maiden division is for horses and/or riders that have not won an obstacle class before.  This is a step up from Rookie, as you can show in this class for as long as you qualify.  Rookies are welcome to cross enter. This class will consist of 10-12 obstacles, slightly more challenging than the Rookie course, and will be done at a walk and trot. You may compete in Maiden for both days, regardless of the results on the first day.

  1. Novice: Buckle Class Main arena

This division is for riders and horses that are beyond the Rookie or Maiden designation. Obstacles will be slightly more challenging and there may be a canter option. Similar to the Adult Amateur class, but on a different course. 10-12 obstacles.

  1. Rusty Spur: Warm up area

This division is open to riders age 55 and up. It will consist of 10-12 obstacles to be ridden at a walk, trot and canter. If you choose not to complete the obstacle at a canter, a minor deduction will be incurred.

  1. Adult Amateur: Buckle Class Warm up area

This division will consist of 10-12 obstacles to be ridden at a walk and trot. There may be a canter option.  Anyone who has earned money as an equine professional, either training horses, or teaching lessons, is not eligible for this division.

  1. Open: Buckle Class Warm up area –

This division is open to any age horse or rider. It will consist of 10-12 obstacles to be completed at a walk, trot or canter. These obstacles will be more challenging than the obstacles found in the other divisions.

  1. Team: Warm up area

This division is for teams of 2 riders. It will consist of 10-12 obstacles and challenges. When riding between obstacles and completing team tasks, you will be judged on how well you work together as a team.

  1. Gamblers Choice – Warm up area

We provide the obstacles, you provide the imagination.  This class is open to all horses and riders.  Each competitor will be given 5 minutes to complete as many obstacles as you can.  Obstacles will be worth 10 points each.  You can do an obstacle up to 2 times, but each time they need to be done differently.  Points will be awarded for quiet, willing horses and clean execution.  Anything deemed unsafe or unsportsmanlike by the judge will result in a disqualification.




Main Arena – Start time 8:00 am

  1. In Hand
  2. Rookie
  3. Lead line
  4. Maiden
  5. Novice


Warm up Area – Start time 9:00 am


  1. Rusty Spur
  2. Adult Amateur
  3. Open
  4. Team
  5. Gambler’s Choice