Big Sky Horse Park’s cross country course includes Smurf, Pre-Novice, Novice,  Training and Modified Training levels. Ali Allen-Shinn from Kalispell is currently working on the course.


Course Elements – Click on the level to view a map:

Smurf XC OT  has 11 jumps, up to 18″ in height, with White numbers on Purple background. Course distance is 675 meters and optimum time is 5 minutes.

Beginner-Novice XC OT Course has 17 jumps, up to 2’7″, with Black numbers on Yellow background. Course distance is 1,950 meters and optimum time is 6 minutes.

Novice XC OT Course has 19 jumps, up to 2’11”, with Black numbers on White background. Course distance is 2,006 meters and optimum time is 5 minutes 20 seconds.

Training XC OT Course has 21 jumps (23 efforts), up to 3’3″, with White numbers on Black background. Course distance is 2,100 meters and optimum time is 5 minutes 15 seconds.MT

Modified Training XC OT  Course has 23 jumps (28 efforts), up to 3’6″, with orange numbers on a blue background. Course distance is 2200 meters and optimum times is 4 minutes and 45 seconds. 

The Park hosts 3-4 Flying Colors Mini Events each year. These one day events include dressage, cross country and stadium jumping.

Riders using the course must wear an ASTM approved helmet and have at least one other rider or ground person present with a cell phone. Protective vests are highly recommended when riding the cross-country course and mandatory at all Park sponsored cross-country events. Riders who are not participating in a show/clinic, must be either be Park members or fill out a Day Pass.

The course will be closed to non-event riders and other users during and immediately prior to cross-country events, which are all listed on the Park calendar: https://bigskyhorsepark.org/calendar-and-events/


DSC00442 (Small)Use of the course is $15 per day for members, or  $30 per day for non-members ($15 course fee plus the $15 day pass). Annual unlimited cross country-course fee is $60 in addition to a membership fee (membership fee is $60 when purchased before April 1st, otherwise $70 after April 1st). Fees can be paid on-line with Paypal or mailed to MHC PO Box 3841 Msla MT 59806. Marked and unmarked hazards exist. Please stay on designated trails.

Forms are available next to the drop box on the north side of the ditch on the main entrance road.