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History of Omoksee

2018 Dates:

Games for June 23rd Games for July 21st, Aug. 18, Oct. 13

The sport of O-Mok-See originates with the Blackfoot Indian Tribe where they described a particular style of riding as ”oh-mak-see pass-kan” meaning “riding big dance.” The second syllable of the first word is pronounced like our English word mock. One might even desire to leave the second word (meaning dance) off entirely, and simply make it oh-mak-see — riding big. Gymkhana is a term use in the United Kingdom, east coast of the United States, and other English-speaking nations to describe an equestrian event consisting of timed games for riders on horses. These events often emphasize children’s participation and may be organized by a recognized Pony Club or a 4-H club. The Big Sky Horse Park offers 4 O-Mok-Sees each year. Each O-Mok-See 6features games per age group. Check under the show date for the games that will be featured for each show. Ribbons will be given out for First, Second and Third Places in each age group. Age groups are 0-8 assisted, 0-9 independent, 10-13 year olds, 14-17 year olds, and 18 and over. Riders have the opportunity to participate in a Buckle Challenge. An entry fee of $20 per rider must be paid in the first or second O-Mok-See of the year to be eligible for the end of the year buckle. The top rider in each age group (assisted riders are not eligible) who has signed up will earn a belt buckle. Points toward the buckle will be awarded as follows: First: 10 points Second: 8 points Third: 6 points Fourth: 4 points Fifth: 2 points Participants must ride in 2 of the 3 regular O-Mok-Sees to be eligible for the year end buckle. This O-Mok-See series does not qualify for State/Division points. Our goal is to get families out riding together. We want to introduce new riders or new horses to the sport in a lightly competitive, educational environment. We try to place riders of similar riding abilities in the same heat. We welcome everyone to participate. You do not have to be a member of the Big Sky Horse Park to partipate.

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